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Finally exams are over... The last two of them passed today :p Sociology of Domestic Security and Power Indices. What now? I would present newest part of Kate Daniels Series Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews, book released week ago so in terms of private bloging you can call it hot review :p.


Black Lung Captain

... finished. I finally closed this book today morning at 4 AM and I still have that odd feeling I got every time I finish good game or book. Of course I’m pleased but there is another side of coin, a subtle sensation of disappointment comparative maybe with last cookie in jar or something... don't know I just hit you with this inner thoughts bullshit to achieve two goals. First – I'm impressed by world created by Wooding and I don't want my whining and wishful thinking to lay shadow on very positive opinion I have about author and his book. Second if I bore you now you will be twice as much exited by core of this post which is...

Review of Black Lung Captain

It's hard to believe that every last one of you have read my previous review about first installment of Dorian Frey adventures and it's no less unlikely that I presented that world correctly. So I will start over. Imagine period somewhere between Napoleonic wars and First World War... There is press, rail and industry but also there is still high social inequality determined not just by money but by birth too. Know that cutlass and rapiers are used as commonly as revolvers and bolt-action rifles. Great houses hold tight grip on main sectors of economy, transport, manufacture, research. Like in England titles can be brought and the State has to pay attention to what mentioned great houses do in their highly independent duchies. Now Add two things... scientific and sound based demonology capable of various tasks ranging from creating communication devices by thralling twin daemons to
creation of golems and half sentient swords. And yes... I nearly forgot, ships you know... they fly, whole civilization is based on aerial transport, warfare and many other living areas all of that thanks to special mineral which produces lighter than air gas to lift even greatest airships. In this world we follow crew of Ketty Jay ship owned by Dorian Frey freelance contractor, often smuggler and occasionally pirate. If you watched Firefly series just replace lasers with guns and swords and space with air... and you should well know the basics. Till this point it could be about any of three books from this setting so if you are ready lets go further into plot of Black Lung Captain.

In last book Dorian and his crew thwarted coup attempt, razed (with valuable help from coalition navy) pirate hideout at Retribution Falls, year passed and money starts to became an issue alongside with critical repairs and which is not hard to came on your own this two cases are tightly connected. Frey is contacted by another freelance captain on the matter of certain research expedition, enough to say that less that few characters don't have their hidden motives or knows more that they are willing to admit. Book is fast paced dense packed with fights, schemes and even sex (yet not with characters I was counting on). For those who know previous book I can say that Trinica Dracken is back in much larger role that last time, her plot line developed yet left to end in another part of this story The Iron Jackal sadly delayed until October of 2011. !Warning Spoilers! Plot centers on mysterious orb striped from derelict Mane dreadnought and while various powers fight over for control over it Dorian and his crew struggle to stay on surface (or in air if you consider world's features) of current events and don't let the occasion to finally get rich slip their hands. 


Delirium Tigers - Mirror Image

I decided to change something with my blog layout and content so I divided it into two sections Books and Games. I will duplicate my other interests like... you know sociology has very wide field of interest and I’m used to amuse myself with both weird and common things depending on my mood or unhealthy and sometimes even illegal substances that circulate in my bloodstream.
And now for taste of things to come!

The Black Lung Captain - Chris Wooding
I nearly finished second installment of Ketty Jay series and my review will hit Delirium Books soon! Full of spoilers, wishful thinking about female characters (Individual lacking certain degree of politeness can also call it “lies”).


Back to books - The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling

I was reading another fantasy book by Chris Wooding (my current favorite author) when I come across this one – Hacker Crackdown - Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier http://www.mit.edu/hacker/hacker.html. Written by Bruce Sterling author of among many others “The Difference Engine”. I warn you this book is not action filled adventure fiction and you won't find much action at all, it's just attempt to describe some events from '90 with most detailed explanation of social, political background that accompanied them. I study social science at Warsaw University and despite being very far from US in terms of both distance and culture I think that with Sterling's help I can understand what and why happened. Basically book is about nationwide operation codenamed Sundevil and both it's aftermath and events that lead to this famous series of raids, search and seizure, arrests targeted at underground net-based community. What I want to do is not review of playing book critic about something I haven’t finished reading yet but to ask about your opinion... some of you are form US another “some” is old enough to remember. So tell me your opinions, memories, thoughts related to that period and events. Or maybe you don't care, back then net was less populated and popular than now maybe present bloggers started their “adventure” with cyberspace just few years ago and don't give a crap about what happened in 90s to bunch of nerds you didn't even liked back in high school.


Yeah... i don't believe it myself.. Britney.

If someone told me “You will write about miss Spears” I would laugh and cause I occasionally work as copywriter (its boring necessity for one who is more often freelance than journalist) replied "yeah for money I will write anything". But what if I write something like that driven by a sudden urge to... yeah what? Pay my respects? Maybe but not likely. Express my gratitude? (when I mentioned my blog on youtube somewhere near her newest clip I got 60+ spike of views) Still not even warm. The more I think about it, the more I realize that in some weird way I might like her.

Let's start from the beginning it's 1999, great year, Buffy series entered season four and some more decent bed action appeared in the show not to mention that second half of third season, better half, packed with Buffy and Faith rivalry also occurred in '99 but that is irrelevant at least not in compassion to half naked Sarah Michelle Gellar and... yeah '99 two clips "...Baby One More Time" and "(You Drive Me) Crazy" you remember? Look at these cause it's crucial that you remember. 

I know she was big in US, she made her impact on industry, ok I got it, what I'm wondering about is - have any one in states believed in that virgin cover-story? Look at way she moves and her clothing especially compared with that parent safe cover of her first album. For me it's just a big conspiracy to smuggle sexual content through parents hands to.. boys rooms. I faped to Britney I admit that.. who don't? So.... she wasn't just another plastic US made doll for girls... she was hot chick who managed to trick some of more overprotective of your parents to let you hang her posters on your walls and... yeah don't need to remind masturbation again. So again she was cunning and hot... nothing to be ashamed for if I suddenly decided to like her.


Rosa - Spainsh anime

I was shocked too... ok main character isn't exactly hot chick
but i wouldn't DO Akira either. I don't know much about
this movie cause i just found its blog.
here you go http://rosamovie.blogspot.com/
I will allow JesusOrellana to describe his product i just wanted
to express my interest.


The Fade


The fade... something or someone who fades from your memory when you use and forget them... no not them, it. The fade is not a man or woman or even considered living being its just another step, one step closer to your goal.

I don't think i can write honest review while being so much charmed by this world. I tought that Tales of the Ketty Jay series introduced great world and they most certainly do but "the fade" is another story it challenges long term drow domination in undersurface adventures of R.A Salvatore and his fellows who exel at long trilogies (at least trilogies not to mention 6 parts of war of spider queen series) here we have beginning and the end in 312 pages.

I don't want to spoil the story so i focus on narration and character design. Wooding has unique way to present events in short bursts kept in single time flow (characters don't sleep, wait or are generaly left without readers audience for long) and jumping for few days or even between chapters. This helps to keep story fast paced but if you really love some setting or particular character you will miss opportunity to look at his common day. I can just wonder if its a flaw or advantage i would like to get more of something but do i really want to read another 20 pages inner tought monologue... Another strong side of Wooding is his character design, you wont find archetypical 100% Lawfull Good or Chaotic Evil characters just like in Ketty Jay all sides have their reasons and i would like to read in comments if any one of you can cleary point bad guy here. Main antagonist Orna is assasin-spy in service of noble house Caracassa part of one of main nations living underground. But she is also a whore, a mother and wife constantly trying to cope with multitasking of all this roles and often in her own opinion failing. 

The world... the world presented in The Fade could alone drag rest of the book even if you dont like female main characters or sexual episodes. The Callespa is an moon of bigger planet probably gas giant bathed in lethal sun... and when i say lethal i mean it. Not just dry and hot like Dune... here UV and all other kinds of radiation will kill you in seconds if exposed, thats why nearly all races dweel underground. Author uses his creation with skill not only puting story in exotic place but also using it to alter the story, quote "War in Callespa was allways fought in three dimenstions" describes it accurately. 
I just finished reading it and i dont want to spoil the fun but if someone in comments leave something about plot i cant help it and i will not moderate it, most likely i will read it with interest :P.

From tomorow i start to read Black Lunged Capitan also by Chris Wooding (Ketty Jay book 2)